Trix Rijpkema works with various sorts of paper, paint, graphite and pure pigment, in most cases on canvas. Every painting consists of many layers, which explains why the observer of her work may notice a certain stratification: the paintings get depth and appear to be full of surprises. What the observer sees in a particular painting is determined by his position and expectations. Recently, Trix Rijpkema has been investigating the borders between abstract and figurative art: when is there still a recognizable shape and when is the painting purely abstract? But, in all cases there is action, both in the lines as in the "figurines".

Apart from paintings she also makes drawings (mostly with pen and ink and in some cases combined with other materials such as gold foil) and  silk-screens in limited edition. In 2005 she created a 14 meter long mural within the "Hof van Tesser" block of apartments in Van Berghemstreet in the city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.